Beth SI have been seeing Mitch for fitness training and nutrition for four months, with great results. I've lost weight, toned up, and I'm faster and stronger on the tennis court. Mitch's expertise and experience has made my fitness progression both safe and smart. I'm also eating smarter. Mitch has tailored a nutrition plan unique to my body's needs and my fitness goals, and he holds me accountable from week to week. My husband has started training with Mitch to build muscle mass, with results immediately apparent. We are impressed with Mitch's efforts, and our individual achievements.

Beth- Attorney, Wife, Mother of two young boys

I've trained with Mitch Mohs for nearly five years. Mitch is a committed coach who is dedicated to helping his clients reach their fitness goals. For me, at age 36, I'm in the best shape of my life. More importantly, I've learned how to train in a smart, safe, and effective way.

J.O. St. Louis Park

I have been working with Mitch for a year and have been training three times a week with him. Each session looks different, trains me differently and as a result I have seen increased strength and endurance. I chose Mitch because of his professional and knowledgeable approach to training. He has pushed me where I needed to be pushed. I often say "why pay a trainer to do what you can do by yourself?" If you put in the work you will see favorable results with Mitch. As well, he brings a knowledgeable background in nutrition to his clients. This is key to optimal success and quite frankly, an area of training overlooked by many trainers out there. You can count on Mitch for his good humor, timeliness, and accountability to his clients.

Valerie M. Mpls

Mitch Mohs is a true professional who knows his business and is committed to being the best in his field. As my personal trainer and nutrition coach, he genuinely cares about me and customizes my program to my personal fitness goals. The bottom line is I have more strength, energy and vitality than I have had for a long time. I recommend him without hesitation. At age 76 I still do deep water slalom water ski starts with my grandkids. What else can I say? Thanks Mitch.

Mick L. SLP

Kevin MI was a fairly new mountain biker when I first started working with Mitch. My goals were to improve my endurance, balance and overall fitness level so I could transfer that to my biking. Before long my riding improved significantly- my times were getting faster and he encouraged me to try racing. For the first time ever I decided to sign up for a mountain bike racing series and was extremely pleased to not only finish every race I entered but I actually took medals in some of the races. Mitch's unique and professional style of training really focused on my specific physique, diet, and goals. I have been able to perform at levels I never thought I would attain. I am feeling great and looking forward to the next race season!

Kevin M., Minneapolis

Jon ENot only has Mitch improved my fitness, but working out has become fun. He has significantly improved my knowledge of everything from nutrition, to technique, to the immense variety of exercise options. He also has the ability to work with anyone at any level. I wholeheartedly recommend Mitch.

Jon E. - Edina